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Tansun Sorrento 2.0 Kw Patio Heater – Pure White

SKU 9523
In stock
Product Details

Tansun Heaters are Delivered Next Working Day with UPS on All Orders Placed Before Midday

The Tansun Sorrento is a Low Glare robust infrared weatherproof heater. The design of this product keeps it running cool and can withstand many hours of use as well as incorporating a wide beam reflector which heats large areas. This product is suitable for indoor or outdoor use in a range of applications including hard to heat buildings or draughty areas.

These Full Quartz Heaters are ideal for patios, terraces, garden buildings and wooden gazebos. They are lightweight, easily mountable and have a very convenient 3 metre power cord, finished with a standard 3 pin plug (just like all your other household electrical products). Simply mount the heater, plug it in to the mains and you'll have instant heat.

Tansun heaters are British made using premium German components. Tansun patio heaters are to be found in restaurant terraces, sports stadiums, warehouses and retails stores throughout the country. These heaters deliver heat where and when you want it. Below you'll see why these heaters are the best available

Heater Comparisons

Tansun Full Quartz Heater Normal Quartz Heater Gas 'Mushroom' Heater

96% of energy consumed is direct heat radiation

60% of energy consumption is directed heat radiation

40% of the energy consumed is direct heat radiation

Heat is directed to the person/object below. Next to NO heat is lost to the air Heat is not projected outwards in the same way as a Tansun Full Quartz Heater Heat dissipates not far from the heater and blows around with the air

Our Opinion

After much research we concluded Tansun are not only the best available patio heaters in the UK, but possibly in the world. Really. These heaters convert 96% of energy consumption and send it directly where you want it - amazing! Their manufacturing techniques matched with the premium components they use means these patios heaters will stand the test of time as well as keep you warm - instantly! And if you don't want to take our word for it then maybe you will take comfort from knowing these heaters are used in leading restaurants, football stadiums and retail shops around the world.

Good To Know

Dimensions (W x H x D): 40 x 23 x 11cm (Dimensions exclude brackets)

Running Cost: Approximately 15 pence per hour

Heat Coverage: 13 square metre

Weight: 3.4kg

Mount Included: Yes

Waterproof: Yes (IP55)

Cable Length: 3 Metre

Plug: 3 Pin (standard UK household plug)

Running Cost: Approximately 15 pence per hour

Recommended Minimum Mounting Height: 2.0m- 2.5m

Ideal For: Sports Halls, Patios, Terraces, Conservatories, Churches, Farming, Horticulture, Reception Areas, Retail Outlets, Zoos, Garages, Smoking Areas, Workshops, Factories, Warehouses and many more

About Tansun

Tansun is the UK’s leading infrared heater manufacturer. With over 35 years of experience in the heating industry, their vast range of infrared heaters are manufactured to the highest quality, providing optimum heat performance all year round. Each infrared heater range are designed with unique features, specific to the heating sectors they target.

Fully IP rated weatherproof heaters specially created for outdoor commercial heating, premium infrared heaters with glare reducing gold reflectors for ultra low glare heating, even portable heaters with anti-tilt safety devices for emergency mobile heating. Tansun offer the largest range of domestic, commercial and industrial infrared heaters in the world.

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